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Stock List for Pride June & What RockFlow believes

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June is Pride Month. RockFlow is now working every day to not only bring more freedom, diversity, inclusion, and great ideas into the RockFlow platform and our investor communities, but to celebrate it as well. And we truly appreciate the companies of our kind.

Exclusive Offer: Pride Month StockList

Therefore, after looking into the Corporate Equality Index and many other metrics, we have created this special Pride Month Stocklist for you, which contains highly-rated companies that are considered great working places for LGBTQ+ equality, wishing to ease your investment decision-making journey from a perspective that has nothing to do with financial reports.

Pride Month

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RockFlow's Mission: What We Believe

Apart from this amazing stocklist, we have something equally important to share:

In reality, the most frequently asked question in the investment world is: What do I really need to do to build wealth in the stock market? Value investing? Quantitative trading? Or finish reading a long-winded financial report?

As dedicated to delivering both profession and fun to investment, we'd like to let you know what RockFlow believes:

At RockFlow, we believe every human is unique in their own way, including but not limited to what and how everyone chooses to invest. We equally and thoroughly offer education and information for investors of any kind, but we never define what is a poor form of investment. Building a free and open investment wonderland that is honestly friendly to anyone is always the core of our mission.

🌈 Happy Pride. Happy Investing. Cheers🍻.