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Open New Account on RockFlow

Upload your valid Photo ID. Either state-issued passport or ID certificate would be fine.


Make sure to upload a fully-valid, state-issued passport or ID that clearly shows your photo and four edges, and please make sure it hasn't expired. For specific requirements, Please refer to the details in this article or on our app. You can either upload from your phone or take a photo in the app.


Demanded by regulation, we might need to walk you through a KYC process(for anti-money laundering requirements). Some of your personal information will be collected during this process, but your data will be stored safely and confidentially.


The data we need to collect includes: your name, gender, birthday, nationality, passport/ID number, residential address. (This part of the information must be consistent with the information on the document you uploaded)


After completing the form, please read and confirm our relevant agreements and statements.

After confirmation, you have now finished your onboarding! There will be a free $2 bonus for you to make your first trade!


Select the stock you want to buy and click "Buy".

Before the official purchase, please set up your transaction password so that you can make quick transactions in the future.


After the transaction password is confirmed, you have now unlocked the quick transaction!


Go back to the stock you want to buy, you can set the purchase amount, and submit the order after confirmation. Congratulations on completing your first stock purchase!

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