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· 14 min read

1)India's economy is another miracle after China. In the past 20 years, the MSCI India Index has risen by over 900%, far exceeding the S&P 500 Index and the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. Currently, India has become the third largest weight in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

· 12 min read

BlackRock, Fidelity, and ARK are the most likely to succeed, but the real winners are the investors themselves.


Effective dialogue between the SEC and potential publishers is an important reason for the final approval of the Bitcoin spot ETF. 11 Bitcoin spot ETFs (including GBTC) have been approved at the same time, thanks to the SEC learning from the lesson that one ETF in the Bitcoin futures ETF market can eat up the vast majority of the market share just by leading by three days. Allowing all prepared publishers to compete in the same field is more fair and beneficial to investors.

· 15 min read

Key point:

Coinbase has opened up a unique Niche Market in the complex crypto world. "Whether it can dominate the US crypto infrastructure" and "whether the crypto economy will become an important part of the real economy" will determine how far Coinbase can go.

As one of the largest Bitcoin Listed Company holders in the world, MicroStrategy's core SaaS business limits Downside Risk, while using low-cost funds to continuously buy Bitcoin for a long time gives it considerable upside potential.

As a leading Bitcoin mining company, Marathon's business is essentially energy arbitrage. Differentiated operational capabilities, hardware upgrades, and energy utilization strategies will become the core competitiveness for mining companies to surpass Bitcoin returns and successfully cross cycles.

· 15 min read

Threads, the text-based "Twitter clone", is still a hot topic. It attracted 30 million users in 24 hours, and the following week registered more than 100 million users. This number is obviously not the upper limit of Threads. For Meta, 30 million, only 1-2% of its multi-billion user base, after all, it has not yet used its largest product by users, Facebook.

· 6 min read

3 Steps to Buy Baby Bull

Step 1: Pick a stock that you are bullish on and that you think will rise in the future. For example, if you are optimistic about Tesla, you can go to the Tesla stock page and click the "Buy Baby Bull" button to trade Baby Bulls on a new page.

· 13 min read

The mobile market was a vast ocean, with a thousand sails competing for the so-called ultimate treasure, one piece.

Nokia was the original king of this empire until June 8, 2010, when a Knight's sword called the iPhone 4 pierced through the heart of Nokia, Apple, put on the crown and had it until today. For the following 12 years, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and many other regicides set sail, but all failed to overthrow the king of this new era.

· 9 min read

Following the release of the financial report on February 3, 2022, the stock price of Meta (formerly Facebook) collapsed. On February 3, it plunged by about 26% overnight, and its market value evaporated by $200 billion. Meta, which is investing billions in Metaverse, is facing unprecedented doubts.

· 9 min read

Jan 28, 2021, on Reddit, the popular social media platform where a lot of U.S. traders share their stock information, the search results for "I hate Robinhood" is rocketing. Robinhood, which once stood with retail investors against Wall Street's "financial ruling class", announced to restrict users from buying GME and other stocks in early 2021. After that, GME's stock price fell and countless people were cut off. Robinhood was then described as "a traitor to its own namesake", "went from hero to villain", and was boycotted by a group of traders. Many of its users even claimed to move on to another investing app.

· 8 min read

Allbirds fooled the secondary market, just like other Direct to Consumer brands listed in 2021.

The most prominent features of Allbirds are sustainability, low-carbon, and being environmentally friendly. Since going public on Nasdaq in November 2021, Allbirds' stock price has fluctuated a lot. The fact that solely increasing revenue instead of profits is put in front of secondary market investors.

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