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It shocked the entire EV industrywhen Rivian, the electric truck market's game-changer, whose IPO raised $11.9 billion in 2021.

On Nov 10, 2021, Rivian, an American electric car start-up, was listed on the Nasdaq exchange. After the opening, the stock price rose to $119.46, closing at $100.73 that day. Its market value reached $85.9 billion, becoming a new stock market miracle.

· 4 min read

Q1: What is Bear Market?

A bear market is when a market experiencing price declines. Widely followed indexes like the S&P 500, NASDAQ100 and Dow Jones Industrial Average are down 20% from their highs.

· 8 min read

Bilibili (BILI), the most popular Chinese video platform, is under anxiety. Achieving profitability, the most fatal problem Bilibili is facing now, remains unsolved. The doubts of the secondary market about Bilibili are almost overwhelmed.

With the announcement of its Q3 financial results in 2021, the net loss of Bilibili reached 2.686 billion RMB, an increase of 144% year-on-year. Just three days after the release of its financial results, the stock price of Bilibili fell by more than 20%. For Bilibili, the lack of profit model is the real reason why investors starts to leave.

“In fact, Bilibili should have been profitable in 2020, so it would be too late if it cannot achieve profitability in 2022, indicating that its business model cannot be established.” A secondary market investor said.

There is not much time left for Bilibili to prove itself.

· One min read

Early this month, Elon Musk said the Tesla humanoid robot, known as Tesla Bot or Optimus, may be up and running within months. Tesla’s stock price rebounds more than 9% on June 21, after weeks of losses since June 9.

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1. What happend in the history of LuluLemon?

In 1988, Chip Wilson founded Lululemon in Vancouver, including a small design studio, retail store and yoga studio. Lululemon's products were refined to serve the "vertical segment of women's yoga wear market" and officially became a yoga-inspired sportswear brand. Lululemon rose rapidly with its accurate crowd positioning, product innovation, DTC's direct marketing model and high-quality community activities, thus won the favor of many middle-class women.

· 5 min read

1. What happend in the history of Apple?

As a company focusing on the research, development and sales of electronic devices, Apple initially gained a large number of users with extremely user-friendly mobile phones and computer devices. Subsequently, Apple continued to improve its technological capabilities and launched a variety of technological innovations such as full-screen, facial recognition and self-developed chips. In addition to technological research and development of electronic devices, Apple is also actively exploring new growth drivers:

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Roblox is the world’s largest multiplayer online game creation platform. Its Daily Active Users (DAUs) reached 43.2 million in the second quarter of 2021, with each user spending around two hours on the platform every day. More than half of them are young Americans under the age of 13.

· 7 min read

Back in 2018, when Hwang Dong-hyuk, the director of Squid Game, walked into Netflix’s makeshift offices at WeWork in Seoul with the script he had written for Squid Game a decade earlier, he probably didn’t expect this much success. In the first month after the famous Korean drama Squid Game was released, nearly 150 million families around the world watched the show, and the audience ratings ranked first in 94 countries including the United States. The rapidly rising ratings and the phenomenal popularity of Squid Game triggered the equity rally of Netflix, the leading streaming media platform behind the show. Squid Game isn’t Netflix’s first blockbuster hit. From 2012 to Q1 2021, Netflix released 779 original series, of which popular high-quality series accounted for 20.67%. If you consider Netflix as a venture capital firm, that’s an impressive hit rate. The big question regarding Netflix is, what’s the magic code of always picking the hit show among thousands of projects and earning huge returns?

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