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How to deposit through wire transfer?

What's Wire Transfer?

Wire transfer, known as international wire transfer, is the most basic and commonly used way of foreign currency transfer. It refers to the business of remitting foreign currency funds to the account of the overseas recipient designated by the bank by sending SWIFT telegram according to the remitter's instruction.

What is SWIFT?

  • SWIFT is an international funds clearing system, managed by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. The use of SWIFT provides a safe, reliable, fast, standardized and automated communication service for banks' settlement, thus greatly improving the speed of banks' settlement.

Wire Transfer Deposit Process

  1. Determine the currency of transfer
  • RockFlow wire transfer supports currencies as follows: US Dollar (USD), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Offshore Renminbi (CNH), Euro (EUR), Singapore Dollar (SGD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), British Pound (GBP) and Japanese Yen (JPY).
  • If you hold one of the above 10 currencies, you can choose the corresponding currency to deposit and there is no need to purchase foreign currency.
  • If you hold a currency other than one of the above 10 currencies, you will need to do foreign exchange in your own deposit bank and then deposit.
  1. Initiate transfer through your bank
  • Find the entrance of international wire transfer, international transfer, cross-border wire transfer, etc. in your deposit bank's online banking (APP).
  • Fill out the transfer form. You need to fill in the information of RockFlow's fund custodian bank in the transfer order. If you are sending USD to RockFlow's custodian bank, you will need to fill out the following information.
  • The recipient bank information is directly related to the currency you choose in the App. For example, if you want to send GBP, you need to go to the RockFlow App and select "GBP" to get the corresponding "GBP" recipient bank information.
  • You need to fill in the postscript message on the transfer form as your RF account number, which can greatly improve the speed at which we process your transfers.
  • The name of the remitter needs to be the same as your account name, otherwise we cannot accept the transfer according to regulatory requirements.
  • If you can not find the relevant portal, you can consult the bank's customer service. If your bank does not have online banking, please go to the counter of your bank.
A/C No (For USD):
Bank Name:
Bank of China Limited Singapore Branch
A/C Name:
Swift Code:
Bank Address:
4 battery road, Bank of China Building, Singapore 049908
Beneficiary Address:
4 battery road, Bank of China Building, Singapore 049908
Postscript message(The postscript message is important to make sure your transfer safe and quick):
  1. Upload the transfer receipt in RockFlow APP
  • After you initiate the transfer, please follow this path to submit the deposit notification: APP - Mine - Deposit Funds - Deposit Currency (choose the same currency as the wire transfer) - Fill in the amount of deposit (the same amount as you wire transferred) - International Wire Transfer - [Transferred, notify RockFlow] - Upload the transfer receipt
  • The transfer receipt is recommended to be the bank transfer receipt displayed on the bank's app after you have successfully sent the money. You can upload multiple images (but no more than 4). It should contain the following information:
    • Payer Account: Payer Name and Account Number
    • Payee Account: Beneficiary Name and RockFlow's A/C No
    • Transfer Amount
  1. Waiting for the funds to arrive
  • After initiating the transfer and submitting the deposit advice, you can wait for the funds to arrive! transfers will generally arrive within 1 to 2 business days, depending on the bank's processing speed.
  • Please pay attention to the SMS, PUSH and email notifications sent to you by RockFlow. You can also check the latest status by going to [APP - Mine - Deposit Funds - Deposit Record]
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