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Deposit and Withdrawal Fees


  1. Visa/MasterCard Deposits (Charged by Payment channel, FX Fee is included)
    USD Deposits:5.99% 3.99% ❶
    GBP Deposits: 5.99%
    EUR Deposits: 5.99%
    JPY Deposits: 5.99%
    KRW Deposits:5.99%

  2. Hong Kong Account Deposits
    HK local bank HKD FPS transfer: free and credited in real-time (currently requiring users to apply for currency exchange)
    USD transfers via HK local banks: a handling fee of 15 HKD per transaction (charged by the bank). This method is recommended for more convenient U.S. stock trading.
    HSBC Hong Kong account: incurs no charges for deposits or withdrawals in USD or HKD.

  3. Singapore Account Deposits
    RockFlow supports Singapore local bank SGD transfers for deposits, free and credited in real-time.

  4. E-wallet/Local Bank Deposits(Charged by the Payment channel)
    THB Deposits: 1.8%
    PHP Deposits: 2.0% - 4.5%
    IDR Deposits: 2.3% - 4.8%
    MXN Deposits: 1.9%
    BRL Deposits: 2.2%
    COP Deposits: 3.0%
    CLP Deposits: 3.0%
    PEN Deposits: 3.0%

  5. Deposits from other currencies via electronic wallets/local banks (fees collected by the payment gateway, including currency conversion charges).

Withdrawal Fees

  • USD Withdrawals: $10-20 USD per transaction, collected by the payment channel
  • HKD Withdrawals (to Hong Kong local bank accounts): Free
  • SGD Withdrawals (to Singapore local bank accounts): Free
  • Other local currency withdrawals: $2-5 USD per transaction, possible currency conversion fee of 0.55%. All fees are collected by the payment channel❷
  • Withdrawal to Korean account: RockFlow does not charge any fees. The bank will charge a handling fee. Please contact your receiving bank for the charging rules

❶Discounted fee rates for card deposits during the promotional period.
❷Currently, the currencies RockFlow supports include: PHP, IDR, MYR, MXN, BRL, COP, CLP, PEN
❸ Deposit and withdrawal fees are the transfer processing and currency conversion charges collected by the payment service provider. RockFlow does not impose any fees.
❹RockFlow reserves the right to modify the fees described herein in response to changes in rates charged by external service providers.

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