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More Questions

1. Who we are

We are a US-HK stock and bond broker platform that provides users with trading services for multiple investment products, including stocks, bonds, and funds. We have an efficient and stable trading system and a wealth of trading functions to help users easily achieve their investment and financial goals.

2. Why we are secure

We have taken various security measures to ensure the safety of users' funds and transactions:

  • Strict fund management system: We adopt a "segregated account" model, where users' funds are strictly separated from the platform's own funds to ensure that users' funds are not affected by other factors.
  • Advanced data encryption technology: We use advanced data encryption technology to ensure that users' privacy information and transaction data are not stolen or tampered with.
  • Multi-layered risk control system: We have a complete risk control system, including monitoring of abnormal transactions, prevention of malicious attacks, and other measures to ensure the security of users' transactions.
  • Compliant operations: We comply with relevant laws and regulations, and have established a sound compliance system to ensure the legality and security of the platform.

3. How we provide users with fund security protection

To ensure the safety of users' funds, we have taken the following measures:

  • Cooperation with bank fund depositories: We cooperate with well-known banks, and users' funds are deposited in special accounts opened with the banks to ensure the authenticity, security, and liquidity of the funds.
  • Self-owned risk reserve: We have established our own risk reserve to deal with possible risk situations, such as system failures, hacker attacks, and other unexpected circumstances.
  • Multiple verification mechanisms: We adopt multiple verification mechanisms, including SMS verification codes, email verification, fingerprint recognition, and other verification methods to ensure the authenticity of users' identities and transactions.
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