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How do I convert currencies?

In your RockFlow App, navigate to Mine at the bottom right--Account Details; or click on RockFlow account at the Asset session, both will bring you to your RockFlow account details page, then click on Exchange on your account details page.


On the next page, choose the currency you already have in your account on the left side, and the currency you want to get on the right side, then click on Continue. For example, I have some HKD cash in my account and I would like to convert them to USD, then I put HKD on the left and USD on the right.


You'll see the current cash you already have, and the latest exchange rate between the two currencies. Input the amount you want to get in the currency you want, and automatically it will show how much it costs in the cash you have, and click on Confirm. Let's exchange 300 USD, it'll cost me 2347.71 HKD based on the latest exchange rate.


A small window will pop up asking you to confirm the exchange again, and estimated cost in the cash you have. Should you click on Confirm again here, a market order to buy 300 USD will be placed for you and executes right away. Now you get 300 USD converting from 2347.71 HKD. However, if the cost is larger than the cash you already have, then the order will fail, and not able to excetue, and the exchange will fail too.