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Stock Transfer Operation Guidelines

Step 1: Contact your brokerage firm to transfer your shares.

To transfer your stock, you need to reach out to your broker's customer service team. During the process, they may require you to provide the following information about RockFlow:

For U.S. stocks:

  • Platform: Rockalpha Limited
  • Brokerage firm: Velox Clearing LLC
  • DTC Number: 3856
  • Account number: 88ZG0230

For Hong Kong stocks

  • Platform: Rockalpha Limited
  • Brokerage firm: Zinvest Global Limited
  • The Central Clearing And Settlement System (CCASS) Number: B02102
  • Contact Person: Mr. Ken
  • Tel: 3852-2183
  • Contact email:

Step 2: Contact RockFlow to receive your transferred shares

After the transfer out process has been completed by the platform, it is necessary to send an email to the RockFlow customer service email address with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your RockFlow account number
  • The name of the transferring broker
  • The DTC number of the transferring broker (required when transferring US stocks)
  • The transferring broker's CCASS Number (required when transferring Hong Kong stocks)
  • The contact person at the transferring brokerage firm, including their phone number and email address
  • Your account number with the transferring broker
  • Your account type with the transferring broker (Individual or Institutional)
  • Transfer Information: Please provide a list of stocks transferred from RockFlow. A template can be found in the attached Excel file, and instructions for completing it are also included. Please upload the completed file as an attachment to your email.
    List of transferred stocks.xlsx
  • Please include proof of account opening in the email attachment. This should consist of a confirmation email or statement of your successful account opening with the other broker and a confirmation email or statement of your successful account opening with RockFlow. Once the email has been sent, please be patient as both sides' staff will follow up on your transfer application promptly. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please note the following important information regarding stock transfers to RockFlow:

  1. To ensure a smooth transfer process, it's important to note that transfers between brokerage firms can only be made for accounts with the same name. Unfortunately, transfers cannot be made using third party accounts.
  2. Good news! RockFlow does not charge any fees for transferring stocks to our platform. However, it's important to consult the transfer platform for any transfer fees that may apply.
  3. It's important to understand that the transfer process can take some time. RockFlow needs to confirm the account information with the transferring broker and execute the transfer, which is estimated to take between 3-15 working days.
  4. Although you can continue to trade the stock after initiating the transfer, keep in mind that this will cause the transfer application to expire. Once the transfer process enters final liquidation and transfer, you will no longer be able to trade the stock. Please note that liquidation time can vary by stock and may take anywhere from 2-3 days.
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